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Máquinas de Penetración - Series CNC-EB EDM



    User friendly industrial CNC controller

    • Industrial computer (IPC), with industrial CF card and support USB disk data copy backup function, so that the data is more convenient and reliable.
    • Chinese & English display.
    • Metric & British system display & program setting.
    • 1,000 stations processing programs. Simplify the program editing; with one block command, you can finish line multi-cavity machining and matrix multi-cavity machining.
    • 10 files, each with 256 sets of processing parameters table, which can store processing conditions.
    • Automatic Edge finding, Home finding, Center or Inner hole finding, and Apex finding.
    • The Conversation type program has Loop & Call, Note & Pause, Mark / Copy / Delete Block and Skip line functions. It is easier to learn, write, & edit programs.
    • Has Side loran function (X, Y axis), Angle Vector machining function, and ARC clockwise & ARC counter Clockwise function.
    • Single or 3 axis lateral machining, Round orbiting, Square orbiting, & Vector machining.
    • Optional accessories A.T.C., C Axis (Including the helical-gear machining, C-X / C-Y axis lateral rock machining, and other applied machining commands).

Más Información

  • Especificaciones

    Capacity of Work Tank 3900x1700x800 mm
    Work Table Size 3100x1100 mm
    Longitudinal Travel (X-Axis) 3000 mm
    Cross Travel (Y-Axis) 1000 mm
    Z Axis Travel (Z-Axis) 600 mm
    Distance Between Platen to Table 660~1260 mm
    Max. Electrode Weight 500 kgs
    Max. Work Piece Weight 16000 kgs
    Fluid Tank Capacity 5800 L
    Machine Outside Dimensions (WxDxH) 6000x4600x3620 mm
    Machine Weight 19000 kgs
    Max. Machining Current 120 A
    Max. Power Input 13 KVA
    Max. Machining Rate 800 mm3/min
    Min. Electrode Wear Ratio 0.12 %
    Best surface / Ra Ra 0.2 μm
    Min. D. R. O. Resolution 0.001 mm
    Generator Weight 380 kgs

* Todas las especificaciones están sujetas a cambio sin previo aviso.